Welcome to the SIET Tech-Tip Videos page! This is home to our short vidoes and other educational resources.

The videos below are designed to help incoming SIET students prepare for their courses. They also serve as a reliable technical resource for the climbing and guiding community. They were produced, edited and reviewed by multiple professional AMGA/IFMGA guides who have an intimate knowledge of current industry best practices. Please check back soon, as we will be adding more videos, tech-tips and other educational media to this page, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Alpine Anchors:


3:1 Pulley System:


5:1 Complex Pulley System:


6:1 Compound Pulley System:


Munter Mule Overhand:


Releasing a Weighted Petzl Reverso:


Releasing a Weighted Petzl Reverso:


Knot pass:


Slide Show of the Ishinca Valley Expedition:

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Educational Quizzes- Test Your Knowledge and Win Prizes:

Our Winter Educational Contests are below. Thanks to Rab for sponsoring these great learning opportunities. Though some of the contests may be over and you can’t win the jacket, you can still gain some invaluable knowledge by taking them:

2012 Cimbing Teathers- Spectra VS Nylon

2013 Video Contest- Spot the Technical or Risk Management Issues and Win (includes answers)

2014 Bolt Quiz (and Answers)

2015 Mountaineering Dogma Quiz- Separating Fact from Fiction (quiz with answers, discussion, and references):